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Monday, November 07, 2005


I bought these chaps yesterday--you know for special occassions, and Spelter ripped them to leather shreds and now they're much more see through than I planned. I can't wear them without being extrememly embarassed. And you all know how I hate that.

Oh I love you blog community! I can tell you anything!

Except about last summer. LOL! Seriously though. I can't tell you bout last summer.

I sold a vase yesterday that it took me like a year to make--literally a year. because I have a really slow cooking kiln. actually it's more of an easy bake oven. I'm afraid to put my art in the real oven and those actual, like, kilns are --I don't know if you know--but they're really expensive. Those chaps were expensive too. Oh Spelter, what am I gonna do with you you furry ragamuffin you sweet you. sigh.


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