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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I've decided to reorganize all my yarn. So I guess we all know what I'm doing for the next month and a half. So in case you were waiting for that sweater, cutie--and all you cuties know who you are . . .you'll have to wait an extra month and a half while I reorganize.

Why does it take a month and half or longer you may ask. Well, don't forget I have cats and don't forget that I encourage their friskiness. I encourage friskiness in all God's creatures. So sometimes the yarn comes out and the cats go at it and it takes longer. I have to wait for the right time when they're all asleep but sometimes they are never all asleep. so it might take more than a month and a half.

And also sometimes Mother gets a bit frisky too and I have to clean up after her. Because she is tecnically mentally not all there and likes to wrap yarn around her toes. But she sleeps a lot too.

So I will be persistent and I will make those sweaters, ok babies?


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