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Friday, April 28, 2006

today is my birthday

but I am not changing what it says in the profile. I
want to feel young. And energetic. HA!

Tonight I will stay home and drink a bottle of wine
and think about what has happened this year and all of
the years of my life. or maybe I'll drink a whole
box. HA!! A box!!

Tomorrow night Franny and I will hit the town and all
the important bars until we fall asleep on a table or
in a cab on the way from one bar to the next. Last
time this happened, I woke up the next day and I had
no underwear on. But my pants were on so I'm not
really sure how that happened. unless I wasn't
wearing underwear which seems unlikely. I enjoy the

Update on the yarn project--almost a third of the way
through. Spelter is much friskier than I imagined.
Will have to learn how to sing her to sleep. Frisky
kitty!!! LOL! FRISKY!!!!


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