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Monday, May 01, 2006

There was a big blowup today. Mother cornered me in
the kitchen nook and demanded to know when I was
getting married to a nice girl. I told her never. I
don't like nice girls. "You're 43 now," she said

I don't know why she had to bring that up. I never
bring up her age.

She wanted to know if I was intimidated by women. Had
she intimidated me when I was younger by breast
feeding me too long. i told her it wasn't long enough
and in fact I'd like it to start up again if possible.
Then she refused to speak to me for the rest of our
cottage cheese and lettuce meal.

But I managed to distract her with a large ball of
yarn and she took off to the bedroom with it to wrap
it around herself so I think she's probably forgotten
about the fight now. she's severely tangled up and
doesn't seem to be wearing any clothing.

My yarn project will go on a bit longer it seems.


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