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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

thanksgiving this year

This year on thanksgiving mother and I are staying in.
Blind Aunt Thelma may come to visit. I hope she
doesn't drive. And Mother is cooking up some eggsalad
and french dressing. It is my job to make the turkey
because mother always forgets to turn the oven on.
(serioulsy, two years in a row)0 so it is my job now.
I decided to just buy some turkey slices at the store
and make sandwiches. If mother complains I'll just
tell her that thanksgiving was yesterday and these are
leftovers. that always works and then if BLind aunt
Thelma does arrive I can tell her the same thing.
they are sisters and have simliar memory problems that
can be exploited in this way.

Then after our sandwich dinners, where i will eat too
much and get plump (OH NO!!!), we will go to the
movies. I desperately want to see Borat. i have been
reading about Kahzickstan and am excited to learn more
abotu this troubled country from this talented young
documentarian. I hear he tells jokes in the film. I
hope they aren't racy. mother won't like it. I like
jokes though and if mother complains i will just act
like I don't know what she's talking aobut. Bor-who?


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