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Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, lovelies. I've
been busy. Spelter had kittens which was a big
surprise to all of us because I thought I had had her
fixed. Twice. So anyway, I've been chasing these new
kitties around for the past 2 months and boy am I
tired. Mother wants me to give them away because they
are time consuming and I have been unable to finish my
novel or my new play about a group of knights who are
armored in tupperware and then go fight the iron chef.

Also I've been watching American Idol a lot. I have
TIVO now so I just watch it over and over and over and
over. And then there is the next episode and then I
just watch that over and over. And with all the
excitement, the writing has taken a back seat.

Speaking of back seats, the dating has slowed down
some too. HA! Seriously, though Scott, give me a
call, huh? and if anyone wants a kitten, They are
half Burmese and Half something else very furry with whiskers.


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