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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Want to go all night?

That's what the email said I received. I replied,

No, I don't want to go all night. I need to get some
rest so I can get up and feed the cats in the morning
bless their furry little hearts. Don't take that
literally. My cat's don't have furry hearts. At
least i hope not. But I digress. Do you sell pills
that will make many people fall in love with me and do
whatever I want and then have some quick sex with me
quietly so as not to wake mother and then let me sleep
so I can feed the cats in the morning?

I just thought of something. Is that what roofies do?
I don't want roofies. what else do you have?

I am still waiting a reply.


Oh, Mittens just jumped on the keyboard. Bless her
furry heart. LOL HA HA