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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Grrr. HA! Don't you think of like a big bulldog when you hear CEO? Aren't you like Grrr? Well, i am. Grr...

If I was the CEO of a big theater company I would make lots of money and my only job would to be say no all day. I'd even say no to Neil Labute just to see the look on his face. I would be like, no, Labute, we're not doing your play. We have to do a Shakespeare play instead, and he would turn away so i would not see him cry and then he would leave the building but i would send one of my underlings after him to tell him ha ha I was just kidding. Of course we'll do your play. As long as it's hopeful. Is it hopeful? I don't read them myself. i hire someone to do that for me.

I don't understand why the same people get their plays done over and over and no one will do my melodrama about Jello and healthcare. It's true it does require 17 actors and 13 of them are drag queens, but two of them can be any sex. I mean any sex. Anyway, I guess I'll just be depressed some more about not getting my plays up. Till tomorrow when I'll cheer up and write a new play. and then I'll send another letter to the CEO's of all the theaters asking why they never responded to my last letter and wondering if they read my plays and manifestos yet. I mena I fed exed them so they've had them a while now, right?

I think I'll start just stopping by unannounced and being like Hi I'm Floyd. Did you read my play yet are you going to do it? Why not? And then I'll pretend like I'm going to set the theater on fire but I won't of course. I never set anythign on fire anymore. Not since the incident.

Spelter is feeling better. Thank you for the cards. He appreciates it. Yesterday he said "meow"

Also Happy Birthday to Kyle Ankkowitz.


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