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Friday, January 11, 2008


The Matt Freeman Princess Play

In Which Matt Freeman Interviews a Princess

By Floyd Britchcraft

M Hello Princess

P Hello Matt Freeman

M You are very beautiful.

P I know. I mean, thank you.

M I like you tiara.

P Thank you.

M It’s sparkly.

P Yes

Matt looks at her tiara fro a really long time.

M Can I wear it?

Princess sighs, takes off her tiara and hands it to Matt.

M Maybe you could put it on my head.

Princess sighs and puts it on Matt’s head.

M Oh, that’s nice, isn’t it?

P Sure.

M does it look good?

P Sure.

M Tell me about your kingdom.

P We have a dragon.

M You do?

P And unicorns.

M I like unicorns.

P I know. Listen I got to meet my Prince.

M Maybe I’m your prince.

P No, you’re not.

M I could be.

P no, you couldn’t?

Matt looks despondent. Princess holds out her hand. Matt takes it in his own hand. Princess takes her hand away.

P um, the tiara.

Matt looks down. He takes off the tiara and hands it to the princess.

P Thanks.

Charles Isherwood arrives on a white stallion.

C (from up on high) You ready?

P Yes.

Charles reches down and takes Princess’s hand. They ride off together. Matt watches them go.

Floyd Britchcraft arrives.

FB This has been Matt Freeman interviews a Princess. Thank you all for coming.


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